Dental X-Rays and Your Health

X-rays, otherwise known as dental radiographs, are a staple of quality dental care. While x-rays bring undeniable advantages when it comes to identifying and diagnosing potential health issues, some may harbor reservations regarding the risks of exposure to radiation.  Fortunately we can ease those concerns and serve as a resource for understanding radiography, so you … Continue reading Dental X-Rays and Your Health

What Causes Bad Breath?

We’ve probably all known someone with bad breath. It can be uncomfortable to engage in discussion with someone whose breath smells downright foul. It’s also a sensitive topic to broach, as well as being a very common concern – after all, each year Americans spend an estimated $3 billion dollars on breath freshening products. Halitosis, … Continue reading What Causes Bad Breath?

Choose Dental Health NOT Insurance


Health insurance is a topic familiar to many, and varies from individual to individual. Providers are different, coverage fluctuates, and co-pays change as well. However, it is always important that the health of you and your family remains our number one priority. Dental Emergency Care An injured tooth, like any emergency situation, often presents an … Continue reading Choose Dental Health NOT Insurance

Easter Hard Candy

Featured Image-Easter Candy

Easter means many things to different families everywhere, but one thing that remains consistent is the appearance of candy! Whether it’s hidden in eggs or just passed around, it comes at a nice nearly halfway mark in the year from Halloween. Sweets make for some excellent treats, and there is no reason not to indulge (in moderation of course)! However, all candies are not created equal, and it may be worth knowing which ones you can have relatively guilt free, and which could spell trouble for your wonderful smile.

April: Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Early Detection Saves Lives Oral cancer is nothing to take lightly.  Causing one death every hour, there will be approximately 45,750 new cases diagnosed this year alone.  It also tends to strike men twice as likely as women. Contributing factors of oral cancer include: Smoking Tobacco use Excessive alcohol consumption (3+ drinks per day) Over … Continue reading April: Oral Cancer Awareness Month


Prevention is Always Best The goal of any dental patient is to prevent dental problems and maintain a strong, healthy smile. With an educated and thoughtful dental hygiene approach, you can fortify your teeth and minimize dental discoloration and uncomfortable sensitivity and irritation. For this blog post, our Boca Raton dental office has compiled short list of … Continue reading THESE ARE THE COMMON CAUSES OF DENTAL DETERIORATION


Teeth Preparation for Dental Veneers Dental veneers are revolutionary—they’re helping more patients than ever before achieve stunning smiles in just a short period of time. When patients undergo dental veneers treatment, they are able to cover damaged teeth with personalized, natural looking porcelain veneers. Now when patients come in to our Boca Raton dental office, they … Continue reading BOCA RATON VENEERS DENTIST EXPLAINS HOW DENTISTS PREPARE TEETH FOR DENTAL VENEERS PLACEMENT