Prevention is Always Best

The goal of any dental patient is to prevent dental problems and maintain a strong, healthy smile. With an educated and thoughtful dental hygiene approach, you can fortify your teeth and minimize dental discoloration and uncomfortable sensitivity and irritation.

For this blog post, our Boca Raton dental office has compiled short list of common dental conditions. We hope that at the end oshutterstock_86327392f this article you’ll feel better informed about what kinds of dental problems can take a toll on your smile, and that you’ll be empowered to preemptively combat these problems with preventative care.

We all age. When most of us think of the signs of aging we think of wrinkles, gray hair, or even fatigue. It’s unavoidable—with age come certain changes, and your smile is no exception. When your teeth age, the white dental enamel begins to thin. This, for many patients, leads to darker, duller teeth and, sometimes, dental irritation. Many of the conditions that can age your smile are slow and insidious—the effects of dental age simply compound over time.

Common Dental Conditions

Dental attrition wears your teeth down over
time, because your teeth come in to contact with each other as you chew and speak. Tooth-to-tooth contact is especially harmful when it is regular, sustained contact—like the contact patients experience when they have bruxism.

Dental abrasion diminishes dental enamel as well, but in this case weakened dental enamel is caused by objects like oral hygiene tools. Talk to your dentist about what kind of toothbrush is right for your and your teeth.

Dental erosion results when patients experience thinned, sensitive dental enamel due to oral acids. Oral bacteria produce acid that weaken enamel, so make sure to brush and floss as suggested to clear away bacteria.

Everyone experiences some degree of dental aging, but you can slow the progression through regular, diligent dental hygiene. Our Boca Raton dental office is here to help you realize, and maintain the smile of your dreams—feel free to contact us with questions.


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