Why Does Teeth Color Dull Over Time?

Darcy is a regular patient of ours, and for years she has been nothing short of a model patient. She maintains an exceptional daily hteeth colorygiene routine, and she
always makes time for semi-annual professional cleaning. However, when I last saw Darcy she reported that she was starting to dislike the appearance of her smile! Although she was cavity-free, she found that regular brushing and flossing just weren’t getting her smile as white as she wanted it.

Our Boca Raton dentists hear this concern often. The truth is that as we age our teeth change both physically and in appearance. Darcy was experiencing something we all go through; due to the natural ageing process her smile was beginning to look duller and darker.

What Contributes to Teeth Staining

Many patients know that some common foods and drinks can cause enamel staining. Tea, coffee, and wine can all discolor teeth. Also, tobacco products make teeth look dark and dingy.  These common stains can compound over time, and patients may find that it’s harder to return their smiles to their original white states.

Along with environmental staining, structural changes in dental enamel can make teeth look darker with age. Dental enamel is the top layer of the tooth, and when it’s young and healthy it is white and bright. Below the dental enamel, however, is a layer of dentin, which is darker and yellow in color. As we age dental enamel thins and becomes more translucent. Consequently, the dentin begins to show through dental enamel and teeth look discolored as a result.

We may not be able to control these natural processes of tooth staining, however, thanks to cosmetic dentistry we can rejuvenate smiles using professional teeth whitening or dental veneers. Give our Boca Raton dental office a call if you want more information or to schedule and appointment— (561) 705-0249.

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  1. Cosmetic whitening is great for brightening tooth enamel, and there are several options for achieving a brighter smile. A professional, certified dentist can advise on the best whitening treatments. Thanks for sharing!

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