Preserving Your Natural Teeth

The goal of our Boca Raton general dentists is to preserve the natural structure and health of each layer of the tooth. Teeth are comprised of different substances and layers that fulfill different tasks. When these components begin to degrade, they can destroy the subsequent layers eventually leading to tooth loss and bone loss.

Oral Bacteria

Oral bacteria can cause erosion of dental material, leading to infection and painful teeth and gums. The outside layer of dental material is called dental enamel. This is the hard, white, outer layer that we often associate with teeth. If bacterium is allowed to sit on dental enamel it can result in holes in the dental enamel, allowing the infection to infiltrate the next layer of dental material called dentin.

Dentin sits below the enamel—it is more porous than dental enamel. Dentin provides nerve pathways into the core of the tooth, and it also protects dental pulp from invading pathogens. Bacteria—once it has infected the dentin—can rapidly move through the dental pulp. Dental pulp is the inner core of the tooth. The inside of the tooth is full of nerves and blood vessels, which feed the tooth’s growth and development.  Infected pulp is very painful, and compromises the tooth’s integrity. Bacterial infections of the core of the tooth can further infect the jawbone—leading to tooth and bone loss. Once the inner nerves and blood vessels are infected it is likely that the patient will require root canal therapy in order to preserve some of the tooth.

The goal, therefore, is to prevent initial cavities and decay of the dental enamel. Additionally, it is important to maintain regular professional dental appointments so that infections of the enamel and dentin can be treated early, before they lead to serious complications. If you’d like more information about preventative dental care or you’d like to schedule an appointment, give our Boca Raton general dentists a call at (561) 997-2323.


Dr. Martin Polin, DMD & Dr. Carly Polin, DMD‎
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