Boca Raton Dentist Explains Why Children Need Effective, Quality Dental Care

Start with a Good Oral Hygiene Routine


For many parents, getting children to follow good dental hygiene habits can be a struggle. Whether it’s brushing teeth before bed or going in to see the dentist, kids are bound to put up a fight at some point. In moments like these parents may wonder why is it so important for my child to focus on dental health? Won’t they just be losing their primary teeth anyway?

The answer is that there are many reasons to keep your child smiles healthy, even though they will indeed lose their baby teeth eventually. Our Boca Raton dentist office works with children to help them develop good oral hygiene habits and feel confident in the dentist’s chair.

The Importance of Baby Teeth

There are many reasons to clean and take care of your child’s baby teeth. Obviously, you want to place an attractive tooth under your child’s pillow for the tooth fairy, but beyond that…

Primary teeth preserve healthy spacing in your child’s mouth. Primary teeth serve as placeholders for your child’s future permanent teeth. If your child loses a primary tooth prematurely, the permanent teeth may not have enough room to emerge—they could come in crooked or misaligned.

Primary teeth also help your child learn to speak properly. Children with prematurely missing teeth are more likely to develop lisps and other speech impediments.

Healthy Primary Teeth are Vital

Healthy primary teeth are vital to healthy dental development. To help your child maintain a healthy mouth, instruct your child to brush and floss at least once a day, and maintain a regular schedule of professional dental cleanings. Our dental team can help your children get used to dental care, and develop good habits that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.

To schedule an appointment for your child, give our Boca Raton dentist office a call! Good dental hygiene habits begin in childhood!

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