I met with a new patient of mine, Seth, recently. Seth had been avoiding the dentist for many years—he was experiencing dental anxiety, and he found it easier to simply avoid going all together. When I met with Seth, he had advanced gum disease; his gums were pulling away from his teeth and forming deep periodontal pockets. Seth explained that he initially thought that he could manage his dental care on his own—he brushed and flossed regularly—but as his condition deteriorated he decided he needed to seek professional treatment.

Flossing and Brushing is Not Enough

Unfortunately, Seth’s assumption is a common one. Many patients believe that with diligent flossing and brushing they can avoid dental decay all together and maintain a sparkling smile. However, the truth is that without semi-annual professional dental cleanings you’re more likely to experience cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss.Bleeding gums

Professional dental cleanings provide a number of services that you just can’t replicate at home. For instance, although you can clean plaque off or you teeth, you will inevitably miss some plaque in hard to reach places. This plaque hardens into tartar—which is mineralized bacteria on the surface of the tooth. Tartar can only be removed in a professional dental cleaning. Left untreated it will cause dental decay and gum disease.

Additionally, professional cleanings allow you to treat gum disease before it causes serious complications such as tooth and bone loss. The early symptoms of gum disease are generally invisible to regular patients, but a dental professional can diagnose this condition before it is serious. Another vital screening that our Boca Raton dentists provide is an oral cancer screening.


Let Us Assist in Your Dental Care

Don’t try to do everything by yourself! When you partner with a dental professional and combine good daily oral hygiene habits with semi-annual professional cleanings you maximize your ability to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Don’t wait as long as Seth did—give our Boca Raton dentists a call if you have any questions at (561) 997-2323.

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