Stop Looking in the Mirror and Being Unhappy about the Color of Your Teeth. Visit Us!



If you’ve been looking in the mirror and wishing that your teeth looked a little whiter and more luminous, you’re not alone. Many patients come in to our Boca Raton dental office looking for ways to rejuvenate dull or dark teeth. We offer a wide number of cosmetic options to whiten and perfect teeth, but there are also steps you can take at home to minimize or lessen the severity of dental discoloration.

Environmental dental stains accumulate on teeth due to staining foods, drinks, or plaque build-up. As many people know, drinks like coffee and tea can stain teeth. Additionally colas and red wines may discolor teeth over time. This discoloration an be exacerbated by aging, because as dental enamel thins it discolors easily, and stain accumulate in small cracks in the enamel.


Here are some steps you can take to try and combat dental stains:

1.     Remember to brush and floss at least twice daily—this helps prevent discoloring stains and plaque build-up.

2.     Rinse your mouth with water after consuming discoloring substances—this will prevent discoloring substances from sitting on your teeth and penetrating dental enamel.

3.     Maintain a schedule of semi-annual professional dental cleanings. Only a professional dentist can clean tartar (calcified plaque) off of your teeth, preventing cavities and dark spots.

4.     Pursue cosmetic teeth bleaching treatments. Bleaching treatments utilize hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to bleach stains off of dental enamel. At-home formulations are weaker and take longer to work, while in-office professional formulations can deliver results in just one or two visits.

You no longer have to live with dark or discolored teeth. Our Boca Raton dental office offers a number of dental rejuvenating treatments to help you love your smile again! Give us a call for more information or to schedule a consultation.


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