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Lauren Decides to Visit Us

Lauren came into our office complaining of sensitivity in her teeth that she hadn’t previously experienced. She noticed that although she was still brushing regularly and flossing diligently, her teeth seemed more fragile than they had been in the past. Lauren wasn’t sure what was going on, so she came to our Boca Raton dentists for help. After a thorough evaluation of her teeth, cleaning routine, and diet, we were able to determine that Lauren was suffering from the effects of acid erosion.

Teeth Weaken Through Demineralization

Acid dental erosion occurs when teeth begin to weaken, thin, or soften—through a process called demineralization—because they have been exposed to acidic substances. Throughout the day our teeth undergo some demineralization as we eat and drink normally. However, usually the teeth are quickly remineralized through saliva and regular dental hygiene. Teeth suffering from acid erosion, however, are not effectively remineralized. This means that acid eroded dental enamel is more likely to become infected or damaged, and it more likely to feel sensitive.


Minimizing Your Risk of Acid Erosion

So how can you minimize your risk for acid erosion? First, keep your eyes open for certain foods and drinks that may lead to acid erosion. Common drinks like fruit juices and carbonated beverages, and foods like fruits, can wear down dental enamel. In order to protect your teeth, you can try drinking acidic beverages through a straw, so that your front teeth are protected from acidic exposure. Additionally, try to rinse your teeth with water after consuming acidic substances. Brush and floss at least twice a day as normal, but refrain from brushing directly after consuming acidic substances, because your teeth may still be in a weakened state.

If you notice any changes in your teeth, alert your dentist at your semi-annual dental check-up. Working with your dentist you can take control of your dental health and maintain healthy teeth. Give our Boca Raton dental office a call for more information!



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